Inspiring Inclusion: Travel Kit Launch and CPAS GROW Program

We are thrilled to share that we have launched our first travel kit, which has been a source of excitement and inspiration for our team. As part of this endeavor, we had the opportunity to work with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) through their GROW workshop program and engage individuals at their center in assembling our travel kits.

Working with CPAS allowed our team to gain a deeper understanding of cerebral palsy and how it affects individuals who live with this condition. Despite the daily challenges they face, it was inspiring to see how CPAS members can work independently and proudly earn a living.

Throughout the project, we made numerous trips to the center and were always greeted with enthusiasm and warmth by the trainees. Working alongside these individuals brought us immeasurable joy and a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we were able to make a positive impact on their lives through this collaboration1.

It was truly heartwarming to see the trainees’ smiles and how proud they were of their work on the travel kits we produced. Our team was honored to have the opportunity to work with CPAS and make a meaningful difference for them through this project.

Bee Choo Cares CPAS Post Final Websit

We hope to take this opportunity to help raise the awareness of the GROW program which was set out to provide trainings and sheltered employment for beneficiaries with Cerebral Palsy and other associated disabilities.

About Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop (GROW) 

Establised in 1984, GROW is a sheltered workshop that provides vocational training and sheltered employment for beneficiaries with Cerebral Palsy and other associated disability conditions. Aged above 18 years old, CPAS train and involve there trainees in vocational activities at CPAS social enterprises and sheltered workshop.

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