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The healthiness of your scalp should be part of your skin care routine, as your scalp is an extension from the facial skin. The elasticity of your scalp also directly affects the elasticity of the facial skin. The fundamental factor of having healthy hair starts with the scalp, caring for one’s scalp is not isolated to those suffering from dandruff, hair loss, itchy scalp, or other scalp conditions – it is for everyone.

As we age our skin ages, this applies to our scalp too! Moreover, your scalp ages six times faster than your facial skin. Aging scalp can also contribute to hair loss, dulling, and thinning of hair. Our scalp needs more attention and care for it to stay healthy.

So, start your scalp care routine today!

How do you care for your scalp?

Like taking care of your facial and body skin health, caring for one’s scalp is to take preventive measures and keeping it healthy – prevention above correction! It is undeniable that the condition of your scalp correlates to your hair health. Scalp care can help to prevent conditions like hair loss, dryness, dandruff, and product build-up.

One way you can care for your scalp is trying out Bee Choo Origin’s signature 5-step Herbal Treatment! One session of herbal treatment is all it takes for visible improvement to scalp health.

Bee Choo Origin’s Herbal Cream is made fresh with all-natural herbs and ingredients such as ginseng, lingzhi, he shou wu, and angelica root (dang gui). The specially formulated Herbal Cream helps maintain healthy scalp and aids in various scalp issues such as itchiness, dandruff, hair fall, oiliness, grey hair, and post-pregnancy hair loss. It works by unclogging pores to get rid of trapped dirt and residue while delivering an abundance of nutrients to the scalp to rebalance its pH level for healthier hair growth.

Well-Nourished Scalp = Healthier Hair

Bee Choo Origin prides itself in giving everyone a chance to have a head full of luscious hair, head over to our salons for one of the most affordable hair loss treatments in Singapore.

Bee Choo Origin’s Signature 5-step Herbal Treatment:

  • Preps and activate your scalp with Ginger Wine Tonic (like what an Essence does to your skin)
  • Protects your hair ends with 100% Pure Virgin Oil
  • Application of Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Cream
  • Steaming to aid the absorption of rich nutrients (45 minutes)
  • Wash and Blow
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