Essential Hair Wash Tips

Essential Hair Wash Tips

To some, washing their hair after a long day out is a mundane chore when they just couldn’t wait to get into their bed. Whereas for some, jumping into a hot shower and getting a hair wash is like a therapy for them to destress. Regardless, washing the hair is something that all of us do almost every day and it’s vapid to talk about it or to even think that there are right and wrong ways of doing it. As the saying goes, hair is your crowning glory.

Read on to learn how to wash your hair the right way to maintain this glorious crown that you never take off.

1. Detangle before shower

Detangling your hair before wetting it can help to ease the knots. Avoid detangling your hair while its wet as it is at its most fragile and most prone to breakage. If you really have to detangle in the shower, gently section your hair into large parts with your fingers.

Detangle before shower | Hair Wash Tips | Bee Choo Hair Origin

2. Rinse with lukewarm water before shower

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water for about 30 seconds before moving onto the shampoo. This helps to rinse off residues like styling gel or particles stuck in your hair. Using lukewarm water helps to gently open up the pores of the scalp and hair shaft for better absorption.
(Tips: Never wash your hair with water that are too hot as that can dry out your hair, making it frizzy)

Rinse with lukewarm water | Hair Wash Tips | Bee Choo Hair Origin

3. Choose the right shampoo

Choose the right shampoo that caters for your hair and scalp type – Normal, Oily, Itchy, Dandruff etc. Check out Bee Choo Origin’s shampoo range to find the right one for yourself. Pay more attention to your scalp when shampooing as the roots are often the greasiest.

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4. Remember to condition and only on your hair ends

Conditioner are deeply moisturizing and nourishing and should only be applied on your hair ends. Avoid applying onto your scalp or on hair that are close to your scalp as they are already naturally conditioned with the oil produced by the scalp. Applying conditioner on that area can make your hair turn greasier faster and clog the pores on the scalp.

Condition only on your hair ends | Hair Wash Tips | Bee Choo Hair Origin

5. End the wash with a cold rinse

It is recommended to rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning, or at the very least, at the final step before the end of your shower. This helps to close the cuticles, easing out the frizz and seals all the moisture and nourishments into every strand. Give it a try, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

Wash with a cold rinse | Hair Wash Tips | Bee Choo Hair Origin

6. Blot dry your hair with towel. Do not rub too harshly

The most common mistake that most people make when drying their hair is to rub it with a towel or blasting it with a hair dryer. While these makes the drying process much quicker and easier, it is also causing great damage to your hair. All the rubbing and tugging can lead to breakage and split ends, while working with the hair dryer can strip your hair of its moisture, making it dry and dull.

So how should you dry your hair after a shower? Squeeze out the access water with your hands and proceed to blot dry with a towel. Remember to blow-dry your scalp to prevent growth of any bacteria in the moist environment. If you have to blow dry your hair, apply a hair serum, set the it to the coolest mode and keep it at least a few inches way.

Dry your hair | Hair Wash Tips | Bee Choo Hair Origin

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