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Scalp Maintenance

White/Grey Hair 

Hair Fall Control

Postpartum Hair Loss


Itchy Scalp

Oily Scalp

Our specially formulated herbal essence helps to unclog pores, effectively removing residues on the scalp. It provides abundance of nutrients to tackle these issues while rebalancing its pH level so that our hair can grow in a nutrient-filled environment.

Bee Choo Origin believes that everyone deserves to have a head full of beautiful hair and this all begins from your scalp. At Bee Choo Origin, we strive to bring our services to you at an affordable price.

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Made in Singapore

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Bee Choo Origin Treatment Process

The whole process takes about 90 minutes.Below are the various steps and process to give you a better understanding.

Our Charges

Each illustrations shows the maximum length accepted for each price.

With effect from 15th April 2022

We provide complimentary scalp analysis at all Bee Choo Origin upon request. Complimentary Scalp Analysis is availablefrom Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Visible Result

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Our natural herbal scalp treatment in Singapore is one of the most practical solutions for managing hair fall and hair loss. At Bee Choo Origin, we try to understand the common hair and scalp concerns, and our products could help you regain your crowning glory. Our herbal scalp treatment aims to resolve a handful of hair problems, including grey hair, oily scalp, and even thinning of hair.

Why Get a Natural Herbal Scalp Treatment? 

Here are a few reasons why we encourage that you consider a natural herbal scalp treatment.

Proven to be Effective

Over the years, we’ve witness how natural herbal scalp treatment has helped hundreds of our customers.  It’s ideal for people living in humid places like Singapore and is also a safer alternative hair solution. The treatment we offer have been carefully researched to provide the right amount of care for your scalp and hair.

Well-Trained Professionals

We also value the importance of passionate individuals who would take care of your hair. With that, we train our staff to accommodate your specific needs. They will handle your scalp with the utmost care.Likewise, our customer service is ready to assist you. Whenever you have concerns, just simply reach out to us and we will respond in the best way possible. Once you visit our store, our goal is to make you feel welcomed, safe, and satisfied with the results.

Affordable Price

We want to reach as many people as we can, especially those with hair problems. It’s for this same reason we provide easy-on-the-budget products and services.