See how Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil transform your hair! Here’s why you should try it!

by Daily Vanity Jade Yeo

Just like how you’d apply a ceramide-rich cream as the last step of your skincare routine, it’d also be wise to do the same with our tresses, starting with Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil.
Created to address the concerns and preferences of their customers, Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil is a lightweight oil that nourishes and smooths your hair without weighing it down.
It not only conditions and moisturises your strands for stronger, smoother locks, but it also protects your hair from sun damage while treating fragile hair ends. The result? Silky, shiny, and sleek hair.

The cruelty-free formula cleverly taps onto the benefits of four key ingredients.
A perennial plant (which means it lives for more than two years), Inula Crithmoide is also known as Golden Samphire. The plant is chock-full of antioxidant properties that coat every strand, bolstering its protective barrier to improve shine and softness. You’ll also find avocado oil in the blend. This versatile, nourishing oil boasts a slew of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids to moisturise and repair delicate
strands. The oil even contains biotin, which strengthens the roots and prevents hair breakage when applied topically.

And last, but certainly not least, are two forms of ceramides: ceramide NS and ceramide AS. These essential fatty acids form a natural barrier around the hair shaft to protect it from an onslaught of environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution. Together, these ingredients revive dull and damaged hair, sealing in moisture to keep your tresses healthy and strong. Simply apply some of the hair oil to damp or dry hair. To protect your hair from heat, apply it to damp hair before blow-drying or styling. For a sleek, smooth, and extra shiny finish, apply the oil to the ends of dry hair.
To find out if Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil really helps to transform frizzy, damaged hair into smooth, silky tresses, we invited Swee Qi, a Daily Vanity team member, to put it to the test over five days.

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil review: First impressions

Before Swee Qi shares her experience with Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil, let’s get to know more about her current hair condition and concerns. “As someone with dull, damaged, and coloured hair, I feel a little uneasy if I leave the house without applying some hair oil. I often dread visiting the salon too, as I always get comments from hairstylists about how thick and damaged my hair is. Having frizzy hair has definitely limited the ways I style it too. I can’t try a new hairstyle that requires perming, straightening, or colouring as it may further damage my hair. In a bid to fix my tresses, I’ve tried a few hair oils in the past, but they’re often too greasy and heavy. This is why I was excited to try the Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil, which I heard is really lightweight.’