Bee Choo Origin- Herbal Treatment for Hair

Cheah Bee Chew

Founder and Certified Trichologist

Founder Story

Founded and established (In year 2000) in Singapore by Madam Cheah Bee Chew, who was determined to find an affordable 100% natural remedy for grey hair, hair loss and scalp related issues. With guidance and mentorship from TCM physicians, she started to learn, experiment and concoct various remedies till she came up with what is known today as “Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Cream.” Forward to present, we are still laser focused on continuously improving our one and only original herbal treatment, marrying modern technologies and scientific research with two decades of know-how. From a single woman working from home with a stand-alone steamer, Bee Choo Origin has grown from a home business to a global brand through countless of satisfied customers who has seen results and helped spread the word. With over 170* stores globally, our formula for success lies in handcrafting small batches of concoctions using the best quality premium herbs to ensure efficacy, providing assurance and integrity, following good manufacturing practices and ensuring that our customers are always in the hands of trichologists trained personnel. Here’s to a naturally confident you!

Why Bee Choo Origin?

The weather in most Asian countries including Singapore tends to be hot and humid. Therefore, people tend to sweat easily, causing oily scalp and clogged pores which eventually leads to hair loss and thinning. Bee Choo Origin treatment targets to solve these problems. Through our herbal treatment, customers have seen a reduction in hair loss, thinning and oily scalp after two treatment sessions. Through market research, we have improved upon our herbal cream over the years, reformulating our products to yield a better result. We continue to keep up with the fast-changing trends and expectations through constant research, finding ways to improve the quality of our herbal paste. With top quality Chinese herbs and our direct import of high-quality herbal powder, we ensure our customers of the best quality and services.

To be the preferred herbal hair treatment provider in Asia Pacific.

To provide natural and effective hair and scalp solution for everyone.


We work harmoniously as a team, supporting each other to deliver the best for our customers.


We treat our customers and each other with integrity, fairness and transparency.


We service and care for our customers with sincerity and personal touch.


We offer only genuine products and solutions and professional treatment.


We continually learn and strive for excellence in whatever that we do.