Posted | August 31, 2022

Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil | Best for smooth silky hair

Is spilt ends, frizzy hair with no shine bothering you? Get ready for soft smooth hair without the greasy feel! Our latest addition to the hair repair and conditioning category, Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil, is now available! Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil moisturizes, enhances shine, protects, and conditions hair without weighting it down....
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Posted | March 15, 2022
Amino Shampoo Series New Launch | Bee Choo Origin

Amino Shampoo Series New Launch

  Why choose a Amino Acid Based Shampoo? We understand that the science of hair care and hair growth starts with hair protein’s building blocks – amino acids. Amino Acids are great and gentle for for your Scalp and Hair! The end results after a wash with our new amino shampoo are smooth hair ends ...
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Posted | September 7, 2021
New Launch Tonic Applicator | Bee Choo Origin

New Launch Tonic Applicator

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Posted | May 31, 2021
South Asia Origin Announcement | Bee Choo Origin

South Asia Origin

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Posted | October 10, 2020
Press Release | Bee Choo Origin

Spring Avenue LLP

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Posted | September 30, 2020
Press Release | Bee Choo Origin

Termination of License Bukit Merah & Woodlands Outlets

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Posted | August 28, 2019
Physical vouchers | Bee Choo Origin

Physical vouchers

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