Why Cleaning your hair brush regularly is important?

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Most of us have a hair care routine, even if it is a simple wash and comb. They are important regimens to maintain the health of our scalp and hair, but do you know it is equally important to keep your hair care tools clean?

Residues from your hair and scalp such as oil, dead skin cells, hair products or even dust from the environment can build up on your hairbrush, which potentially creates a breeding ground for bacteria growth.

Dirty hairbrush will redeposit the residues back to your scalp and hair, affecting your scalp health, which may also result in hair loss issues. So, it is very important to regularly clean your hairbrush to ensure your hair is looking it’s best at all times.


Weekly Hair Brush Cleaning

Hair Brush steps

Daily Cleansing

Daily care for your brushes is remarkably simple; all you have to do is to remove any excess hair that have fallen out while you were brushing.

There are various methods in doing so:

  1. Your hands – Simply remove any loose strands that are stuck.
  2. Tail Comb or Toothpick – Use either of them to coax out stubborn hair that are tightly wound on your brush.

Just remember to be gentle when cleaning your brushes.

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