What’s Causing your Itchy Scalp and How to Help?

whats causing your itchy scalp and how to help

Itchy scalp is a very common annoyance amongst most people, and this irritation can persist if proper action isn’t taken. Scratching provides temporary relief, but scratching generally makes the situation worse by increasing the irritation and increases chance of infection.


Go easy on your scalp

Just like an irritated skin, it is important to use gentle cleansing products as you want to avoid exacerbating the soreness of your scalp. Avoid using any aggressive cleansing agent as they strip natural oils from your scalp, causing it to worsen. It is also beneficial to avoid perfumed or fragranced shampoos as some compound in them can cause irritation. Bee Choo Origin’s herbal treatments are composed of natural herbal ingredients that will sooth your scalp and alleviate that irritation, giving your scalp the much-needed refreshment.


Strive for balance

An imbalance of skin hydration, oil production, , allergic reaction, sensitivity, dandruff, personal wellbeing (stress) can cause scalp irritation. Such imbalances can varies from scalp products usage, shampoo frequency, hair coloring frequency or even a product that you may be allergic to. Identifying the root cause is important as it guides you to the right type of products that is truly beneficial for your scalp.


whats causing your itchy scalp and how to help 2 1

At Bee Choo Origin, we will determine your scalp type, and find out the root cause of your irritation. With our wide range of herbal treatments & hair care products that suits different scalp types, we will help you feel refresh again.




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