Oily Scalp Routine

Oily scalp is a condition due to excessive production of sebum in the hair follicles and clogging the pores. Oily scalp can also be the body’s mechanism to prevent scalp dehydration, as a result, there is an overproduction of sebum. Oily scalp can cause scalp irritation, hair loss and left hair looking dull and greasy.

A good scalp care routine is essential to rebuild the scalp barrier and normalize the scalp sebum production. Start with a oily scalp targeted shampoo (Rebalance Amino Shampoo)


Follow up your scalp care routine with Advanced Pro Hair Tonic, formulated and made in Japan, it contains Swertia Japonica Extract and Bisabolol. Advanced Pro Hair Tonic helps to boost nutrients to the scalp for healthier hair! This invigorating tonic helps prevent hair loss, control sebum production and strengthen hair follicles.

Bisabolol – The active component of Chamomile, which is rich in panthenol (aids to reduce sebum production). It is anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria. Additionally, it helps soothe and regenerate the scalp while helping to promote healthy hair growth!

Swertia Japonica Extract – Herb that antioxidant properties and is also known as Senburi. It aids to increase blood circulation to the scalp, stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair loss!

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It’s common for individuals with oily scalp to have dry hair ends or frizzy hair. It important to treat hair right too! First of all, do not skip on your conditioner or hair mask. Moisturize your hair ends with a conditioner (Purity Repair Hair Conditioner) after every wash and use a weekly deep-conditioning mask (Treatment Spa) . Protect it from environmental damages and UV rays by applying Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil to it before leaving the house!

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Start the right hair and scalp care routine today, shop now!

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