Good Hair Care Habits

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Your hair is the delicate crown you never take off and should be handled with care. If you want healthy and shiny tresses, you should start adopting the right habits to care for your strands. Here are 6 good hair care habits to start with.

1. Finish your shower with a cold rinse

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, end your shower with a cold rinse on your hair. This helps lock in the ingredients and moisture inside the hair strands, closing the hair cuticle. With closed cuticle, your tresses will look smoother and shinier.

2. Avoid wearing the same style for too many days

Wearing the same style for too many days in a row is bad for your hair. Hairstyles that are too tight and constantly pulling at your hairline can cause hair loss. Switch up your styles ever so frequently to avoid the damage.

You should also be changing your hair parting frequently, maybe once in about 3 – 4 days. This can help reduce tension in the same area and also reduce the risk of hair loss.

3. Keep your hair dryer clean

Remember to open up the filter of your hair dryer from time to time to get rid of the dust and lint in the vent. Dust and lint can blow back into the motor which minimizes the effectiveness of your dryer. It affects the speed and temperature which results in a longer blow-dry time.

4. Avoid over-washing

Washing your hair too frequently can actually be a bad choice. Over-washing your tresses may lead to brittleness and eventually breakage, dry and frizzy hair and even oilier scalp. Over-washing may lead the scalp to think that it needs to produce more oil to replace those that were washed away, and eventually leading to an oilier scalp.

5. Use a silk pillowcase

The friction between your hair and a cotton pillowcase can cause frizz and tangled hair ends. Using a silk pillowcase can reduce hair damage like split ends and breakage while keeping your bed head in check.

6. Pay attention to your scalp

A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your it. Treat your scalp to a monthly pampering session at Bee Choo Origin to maintain a healthy scalp or to treat several common scalp issues like hair loss, dandruff, oily / itchy scalp and more.

Our specially formulated Herbal Cream helps to unclog pores, effectively removing residues. It provides abundance of nutrients to tackle scalp issues while rebalancing the pH level so that your hair can grow in a nutrient filled environment.

About Bee Choo Origin

Bee Choo Origin is the top provider of hair care treatment along the Asia-Pacific Region. Established in year 2000, Bee Choo Origin Group had since set foot in more than 12 countries, providing high-quality herbal hair care solutions which had shown impeccable improvement of our customer’s scalps and hair growth. Bee Choo Origin aims to provide efficacious herbal hair treatment at affordable pricing as we believe that every individual deserves to have a head full of beautiful hair without having to pay out an incredible sum of money.

Want to discover the best way in maintaining healthy locks? Learn more about our Herbal Hair Care Treatment and hair care products at or contact us today at 6742 3033.

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